CLEAN'D – Multi-purpouseful cleaning product for dishwashing in the form of cubes.


Every cube weights about 25 gram. This special package consists of 8 cubes – 2 cubes of every scent: lemon, grapes, lavendel and vanilla, so that you can try out every scent and discover, which scent you enjoy the most.


Use in a dishwasher: Load your dishwasher with dishes, put a cube of CLEAN’D in between and push the start button.

Handwashing: Fill your sink up with water, put in a cube of CLEAN’D and let it dissolve.

Other uses: CLEAN’D deals with fat and dirt, therefore you can use it to wash your dishes as well as clean your floor, tiles and many more.

This product is composed of natural materials.

CLEAN'D - test set - 8 cube

  • citric acid, sodium hydrogen carbonate, sodium carbonate, sodium chloride, essential oils, water



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